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Company Nurse Hotline – Available 24/7 | 888.375.0281 |

The nurse is available to evaluate and initiate action for your employee's injury.  The nurse will review your employee's injury and:

1. Prescribe self-care treatment directly to the employee, in which case no claim will be established or fee applied.

2. Direct treatment to an approved in-network facility or telemedicine provider as well as the TPA.

A claim will be filed based on the Company Nurse report. No need to have the member file a report.

A nurse visit fee of $84 will be applied to your claim cost in these instances. 

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In most cases, triage care will provide a quicker return to work and a better claim outcome.  Historically, close to 25% of all triage calls are resolved through employee self-care treatment.

Triage calls may reduce emergency room and urgent care visits that have an average costs of $1,200 and $200 respectively. 

If a triage call is not work related or there's already treatment in place, the nurse will refer the employee back to their supervisor. 

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