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Board of Trustees

Fund operations are directed by the Board of Trustees, elected by the general membership of the Fund. The Trustees meet four to five times a year and are responsible for management and oversight of the Fund. They review financial performance, underwriting performance, and authorize all claim settlements.

Dave Mollitor, Chair, Lansing.  
Mr. Mollitor represents Consolidated Electrical Contractors. He has been a member of the Fund since 2003 and a board member since 2017.
Tim Bazen, Vice-Chair, Grand Rapids 
Mr. Bazen represents Bazen Electric, Inc. He has been member of the Fund 1995 and board since 1998.
Mike Laundra, Trustee, Midland 
Mr. Laundra represents Alloy Construction. He has been a member of the Fund and board since its formation in 1995.
Jack VandeGuchte, Trustee, Caledonia
Mr. VandeGuchte represents Sobie Company Inc. He has been a member of the Fund since 2005 and a member of the board since 2012.
Spencer Roed, Trustee, Walled Lake 
Mr. Roed represents Multi Drywall & Partition, LLC. The company has been in the Fund since 2012 and Mr. Roed a board member since 2019.
Andrew Mercer, Trustee, Jackson   
Mr. Mercer represents R.W. Mercer Company. R.W. Mercer has been a Fund member since 2015.  Andrew joined the board of trustees in 2021.
Paul Hoekstra, Trustee, Holland   
Mr. Hoekstra represents Hoekstra Electrical Services. The company has been a Fund member since 2009.  Paul joined the board of trustees in 2021.